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Open call for fundraising industry experts: Is the CFRE designation worth attaining?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

After spending about $1,000 to become a CFRE, I started a study service called Philanthropy Study Key in which I am selling my 200-page study guide for an affordable price. I started my CFRE journey because I needed a lockdown project and something to do with my time and not necessarily because I was overly reflective of my career goals.

So, outside of the affordable study service component, I would like to add content that helps millennial fundraisers decide whether or not a CFRE could be a good step for their careers. To do that, I would love to host guest bloggers who are open to sharing their wisdom.

When do you receive a CFRE?

Who paid for it? Yourself? Your employer?

Has any of your jobs required a CFRE?

Did you have to do any negotiating?

In what ways has it improved your career?

Have you noticed a salary increase since you received it?

If you have a CFRE, and you would be willing to write about 500 to 1000 words discussing some of these questions, please email me at

I hope you'll consider sharing your wealth of knowledge for the betterment of the field!

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