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Learning From Home

What is Philanthropy Study Key? 



Philanthropy Study Key is the only CFRE study guide on the market dedicated to one thing - helping you study for less so you can focus on doing more good. 

Here's the story. 


Hi. I'm Rachel. 

I'm passionate about guiding people through the CFRE journey, because I largely did it on my own and thought there must be a better way! 

Not only did I find it hard to decipher the instructions on how to apply for the CFRE, but I was also plagued with questions about the ongoing process. Worst of all, it was very expensive to get my CFRE! 


CFRE Test Application 

Discounted with AFP


Test Run - 1 month subscription


Test Run is the recommended vendor for practice tests for the CFRE. 

Additional Materials

The recommended reading list has books that are routinely $25 - $50 each, even when bought used 


I don't regret paying for the test with my own money because the $700 test is much more than the professional development costs of other departments at my organization. But studying tools added to my expenses, as I didn't want to take the risking of failing and losing what I had already invested. So the cost just kept adding up. 

Thus began an idea - to see if I use my experience to help others cut the cost of studying for the CFRE. And to offer any perspective I could on the process. 

I created"Philanthropy Study Key" to support other fundraising professionals in the pursuit of their CFRE. If my stupid expensive journey is any sort of a model, I hope to cut your outside study resources line item by at least 50%. This is why I've given you my perspective on the recommended reading list before you buy it and made my study guide the cheapest available on the market.  

The mission of Philanthropy Study Key is to provide high-quality, low-cost CFRE study guides for those who are preparing to take the test after they passed the application stage. 

Simply put - I want you to study for less and focus on doing more good. 

The longer I stay in fundraising, the more I am concerned about the well-being of the field. About half of fundraisers are expected to leave the profession in two years due to agency pressure and burnout. We must put philanthropy first before agency competition to secure a healthy financial future for organizations doing tremendous work. 

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