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How to Pay for It 

Cost is a barrier to CFRE attainment - I have no doubts about it. Without AFP membership, it's about $800. I started Philanthropy Study Key out of frustration at the cost. I paid for it myself because it's out of budget proportion for my employer. How did I afford it? The answer is not super creative - I used one of my stimulus checks. 

If you or some you know someone that successfully negotiated with their employer to pay for the CFRE, please either have them email or submit to our blog so we can share strategies with everyone.  

If you plan to negotiate with your employer and ask them to cover the cost of the CFRE: 

If you plan, or are considering, paying for it with your own money: 

  • Just a personal thing - I LOVE the Acorns Money Blog. With sections on earning, spending, and saving, it's one of the better money blogs I've read out there in a while. 

  • Here's one opinion on Professional Certifications in general.

  • Check back soon. I am actively recruiting writers and bloggers to help shape diverse opinions. The best way to get updates is to subscribe in the footer below. 

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