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Hi. I'm Rachel. 

I'm an impatient problem-solver who wants to help nonprofit fundraisers hit home runs. The bulk of their problems are probably people problems, so I'm on a mission to offer a slew of templates to shorten the time spent on daily tasks. 

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My Story

Getting my CFRE was my quarantine project, which led me to create Philanthropy Study Key, a study guide that is nearly half the cost of the competitors. 

That was only the start of creating templates and resources for time-strapped fundraising professionals. I sell all of these under the store name - "Fundraising Resources Pro". On Etsy, I have 300 + sales. 

But so what. 

None of this matters if it wasn't for the fact that these templates (1) save people time and (2) save people money. This increases the likelihood of more work-life balance which is desperately lacking in the fundraising field.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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