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A curated list of free resources to help you study for the CFRE

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

I'm pretty proud of my study guide. I wrote it because I needed more than the CFRE Exam Compass Guide. But I'm also not selfish. Here are a few other outside resources and links that I found helpful when studying for the CFRE.

Two of her books are on the recommended reading list that the CFRE distributes (I give my honest opinions on the recommended reading list here). But her website has a lot of free content as well! RIP to a legend.

Barnes and Noble

  • You can get their free "AFP 2012 Conference E-book Sampler" here.

  • You can get their free "AFP 2013 Conference E-book Sampler" here.

Bloomerang Resource Library

I don't want to get into a fight about which database is the best, all I know is that Bloomerang has a wide selection of free e-books available here. Not all of them are relevant to the CFRE but if you data mine, you'll find some good free study content.

DonorSearch on Prospect Research

Domain #1 on the CFRE is prospect research! This is a great, focused list on sources of prospect research.

National Council on Nonprofits - Ethical Fundraising Resources

Lots of great, free content on transparency and accountability.

Happy studying!


While not free, we are very proud of our CFRE study guide ($30). We put it on Google Books so that you can get transparency before you buy.


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