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Is a CFRE worth it? A compiled list of resources

One day, I will compile my own perspective. For now, here's a list of resources to look at whether or not the CFRE is worth it.

This is the most clearly bias source but nevertheless, it's worth looking over for perspective. From

"Top Ten Reasons to Become a CFRE"

Here are some less biased sources.

Inside Charity - "CFRE vs. NANOE – Which Credential Benefits Me Most?"

This is a FANTASTIC breakdown of pros and cons of different types of certifications that are offered to nonprofit workers who want to grow in their career, including the CFRE.

Is the CFRE Credential Worth the Time and Money? by Hank Lewis

This is a slightly older post (2011)but it's one of the only ones I found that didn't just break down CFRE's top 10 reasons again.

Global Philanthropic - "CFRE - Does it Make a Difference?"

Another top 10 list but it at least offers slightly different perspective than CFRE.

Forefront - "The Whys Of Pursuing Your CFRE"

A great perspective that actually confronts CFRE's lack of diversity.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy - "What the CFRE is and what it isn't"

You have to make a free account to read this article.

Talisman Philanthropy - "To CFRE or Not to CFRE"

To CFRE or Not to CFRE is an older post but it offers some insight.

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