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How do you become a CFRE? (Certified Fundraising Executive)

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

There's the long answer and then there's the short answer. The long answer is available on the CFRE website.

This is going to be the short answer.

Regardless of when you might take the CFRE, even if it is going to be in 3 or 4 years, go ahead and make an account on the CFRE website, just to see what the application looks like. I found it was much easier to see how quickly the points added up. Read enough on the website and things start to sound like nonsense (no offense, CFRE, I understand you have to write matter-of-factly). Filling out the basics can actually show you that you might be farther than you think you are.

As you take your APPROVED VENDOR CLASSES (arrow to this, foghorn, neon lights), continue to add them to your profile. Keep records. Sources vary, but CFRE might spot-check vendors for attendance so stay in your webinars and pay attention. You can find the list of approved vendors here.

When all your points tally up to being able to apply, also be ready to pay. Remember to speak to your employer about being willing to split the cost with you (if not pay in full) and also remember that if you are a member of AFP, you can likely get a discount.

After you pay, if your application is accepted, you'll move on to the test part and have a selection window from which you can take the test (which you must pass).

That's where Philanthropy Study Key comes in handy - we want to help you pass the test, and we want to do it for cheaper than other brands on the market. Plus, it comes with more content.

Read more about our story here.

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